Welcome to the world of Linderniaceae

Linderniaceae is one of the updated family after the proposed by APG III which was seperated from Scrophulariaceae. The family is distributed mostly in tropical regions of the Old and New World. This family comprise of 14 genera, viz. Artenema (4 spp.), Bonnaya (12 spp.), Chamaegigas (1 sp.), Craterostigma (25 spp.), Crepidorhopalaon (30 spp.), Hartliella (4 sp.), Hemiarrhena (1 sp.), Legazpia (1 sp.), Lindernia (30 spp.), Liderniella (16 spp.), Micranthemum (14 spp.), Picria (1 sp.), Pierranthus (1 sp.), Schizotorenia (2 spp.), Scolophyllum (3 spp.), Stemodiopsis (6 spp.), Torenia (51 spp.) and Vandellia (52 spp.) [1]&[2]


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